About Cafe Madriz

Why Madriz and not Madrid? Very common is to hear that Spaniards (and specially Madrileños) speak with a lisp. We tend to either drop the d at the end of the word (and say Madri) or change the 'd' for a 'z' which is what I do!


The cooking in Spain is simple and uncomplicated and done with passion — the most important 'ingredient' of all. It is the product of many centuries of fine eating. At Café Madriz, my goal is to always aim to stay true to that historical and popular background and, of course, to the way my grandmother always cooked. The same ingredients, the same techniques, just 5,000 miles away. Every dish is made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. Our imported products such as Extra-Virgin Olive oil, cheeses, cured meats and olives, just to name a few, bring in the authentic flavors of our Spanish cuisine.


Our casual, warm and relaxed atmosphere will encourage our guests to sit-back, relax and enjoy the food, the wine and the company! Take a minute to look around too! Our walls are covered with paintings, ceramics, tiles and other 'trinketry' all brought from Spain.


The Café Madriz experience is all about getting to know Spain, its traditions, its food and wine. One thing that I realized after moving to the United States, was how little people knew about Spanish cuisine and how it had become 'confused' with the cooking of the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. We may share a language but our traditional cuisines are so inherently different. At my level, little by little, I want to change that perception. I want Spanish cuisine to be recognized just as easily as Italian, French, Indian, or Thai food. With the help of my friendly and knowledgeable staff, we will make sure our guests are comfortable, taken care of and have a great time!


The wines of Spain are the ideal accompaniment to the foods of Spain. Nothing quite complements a Paella, a Tortilla or a Gazpacho, to name a few examples, like a wine whose roots are in the very same soil that produced the ingredients for these most typically Spanish dishes. Spanish wines are being discovered all over the world and are winning prices and much praise. At Café Madriz, our guests will find a great selection of wines produced in the well known regions of La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Galicia and also other less 'popular' in the USA like the Pais Vasco.


Elena de Diego is the owner and Chef of Café Madriz. Fourteen years ago, Elena moved from her native Spain to the US, bringing with her a deeply rooted love for cooking, inspired since early age, by her grandmother. After only 5 years in business, Café Madriz has become a favorite dining spot for Yellowstone visitors and locals alike. When Elena is not in her kitchen, she spends her time enjoying her family and everything the beautiful state of Montana has to offer.